Best Will Week 2nd - 6th November 2015

Why not visit a participating solicitor during Best Will Week to discuss making or amending a will. You might also consider leaving a gift to a favourite charity after loved ones are provided for and all other personal decisions have been made.

  • Make a solicitor appointment to discuss your will

    Make a solicitor appointment to discuss your will

    During Best Will Week, 2nd – 6th November, make an appointment with a solicitor to discuss making a will.
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Making a will is a very important part of life and is a much more straightforward and affordable process than you think. During Best Will Week, visit a participating solicitor who will provide expert advice and support about the process of drawing up a will or updating an existing one. Your solicitor will guide you through all the important decisions you might need to make. A will provides for loved ones, protects your assets, helps reduce inheritance tax & the impact residential care fees might have on your estate, ensures debts are paid and precious items go to the people you want to receive them. You might also have a cause close to your heart and might consider leaving a gift to that charity in your will, enabling them to continue their great work.



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